Sunday, July 24, 2016

Flight Wisp1c_6

Flight Wisp1c_6


  • Using different solar cells.  
    • These are more square and seem a little less fragile.

  • Changed transmissions to 20m only at 10 minute intervals.
    • 30m on flight Wisp1c_5 was nearly useless.
  • Balloons stretched to 0.4psi prior to launch.

Initial prediction


 Setting up the tracker on the roof to assure everything comes up and transmits.

Nice and sunny up here.

Just about to let it go.  Nice still air.

And we're off.....

Day 1

The flight was disappointingly short.  It was on track moving southeast.  It got to Binghamton at about 23,000 feet and simply disappeared.  There was no further telemetry.  It suffered some kind of catastrophic failure.  My guess is that a wire dislodged from a solar cell, causing the tracker to lose power.

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