Monday, December 25, 2017

Zeta FX-79 Buffalo Build - Preliminaries

Zeta FX-79 Buffalo Build

My wife bought me a Zeta FX-79 Buffalo flying wing for Christmas.  I'll be chronicling the build in this blog post.  My motivation for this plane was to have an FPV platform to use for balloon "Search and Rescue" operations.  I'd like to have an FPV camera, and a higher resolution camera for post-flight analysis.  I'd also like to be able to fly my Kenwood TH-D72A radio as an airborne APRS digipeater platform.  Since my trackers are very low power (10mw or so), the hope is that an airborne digipeater might be helpful in recovery operations.

I purchased the fittings from a variety of sources.  The Bill of Materials follows. 

I'll be doing the build with the Omnibus F4 Pro V2 flight controller, which includes an OSD and can relay Smartport Telemetry back to my Tanaris Plus transmitter.

In future posts, I'll document the build process and initial flights.

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