Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blinky lights

Wisp1 LED uses and meanings

The Wisp1 has three LEDs, Green, Red and Blue.   Their blinking rate will convey status.

  • Green is the overall "system" LED.  
  • Red is for GPS status.  
  • Blue is for the Si5351 transmitter status.  

My intention is to have the LEDs active for the first 30 minutes after the tracker is powered on.  After that, they will be disabled to conserve power.

LED Color Blink Rate Meaning
GreenOff Tracker powered off, or STOP mode
Green3 hz RTC problem - Switched to LSI
Green1 hz Tracker up and operating normally
GreenOn System Error - Tracker abnormally stopped
RedOff GPS Off
Red3 hz GPS Seeking Time
Red1 hz GPS Seeking Lock
RedOn GPS Locked
BlueOff Si5351 powered off.  Not Transmitting
Blue1.4648 hz Transmitting
BlueOn Si5351 Error

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