Friday, August 26, 2016

Flight wisp1c_8

Flight wisp1c_8


Train wreck.

Changes this flight

  • Two Qualatex balloons
  • Modified code to hard code the LSI (internal) oscillator, since the external wasn't working.
  • Added calibration code for the LSI.  The "Synchprediv" for the RTC is set appropriately based on the measured speed.

First failure

I could never get the external Low Speed Oscillator to work properly.  I hard-coded the software to use the internal oscillator.  This was a worthwhile mod to do, in any event.

Second failure

I put the tracker up on the roof to beacon for an hour during a meeting.  The balloons broke free of the things holding them down, due to a gust of wind.  They yanked the tracker off a ledge causing the solar panels to shatter on the roof.  The balloons then broke away and were lost.

Third failure

While stretching a new pair of balloons, I accidentally ruptured a balloon while disconnecting it.

Final failure

With the tracker reassembled, we went to launch it on the roof again.  It was a gusty day.  The balloons ended up tangling on a ledge high above us.  By the time we got them untangled, apparently the antenna was broken.   Though the tracker was still blinking lights and functioning, it was not being heard.  In my rush to get it in the air, and get back to work, I didn't re-test it prior to release. The tracker sailed off, and was never heard from again.

All in all, it was a relief.  That tracker was cursed!

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